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The Ocean Clinic


Where to find us ? The Ocean Clinic situated in Ferrel, a few minutes away from Baleal. 

The Ocean Clinic is offering a variety of different therapies so our patients  can seek the appropriate treatment they need and be in the best hands

Therapeutic massage, Deep tissue Massage, Thai massage, Reflexology, Reiki are now therapies you can find at the Ocean Clinic along with Osteopathy.

Our Team

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Thai Massage Therapist

Lili was raised in Germany and works as a teacher, Thai massage therapist and Qigong practitioner in Peniche. 6 years ago, she traveled through Asia and got the chance to complete her Thai massage therapy training in Thailand. She has also completed training in trauma-based Thai massage bodywork in Lisbon.

What is Thai massage Therapy?

Thai massage incorporates a combination of acupressure and yoga-like stretching. In this type of massage a mattress is on the floor, no oil is used and the client remains completely clothed throughout the treatment. This massage belongs to a complementary medical discipline with the focus to support the healing process and to provide well being.

Reiki Master 

Jen learnt about Reiki in Hawaii years ago. Since then she has been addicted to heal herself, animals, plants, other people, and even babies to relieve their tummy aches and help them with sleep problems. 

Years later, she is a certified Reiki Master and Quantum Healing Practitioner and loves helping people heal, but also loves teaching Reiki so we can all raise our frequencies and live better lives.

Reiki is a hands-on healing system that is deeply rooted in Eastern traditions.

Reiki treats the whole person, body, mind and spirit, to achieve balance and restore optimum health.

Quantum Healing shifts the fields of energy information, so it brings out a correction. The energy level in the body is escalated through breathing and visualization of energy flow. Quantum healing is spiritual, but also has direct positive effects on the immune system through the access to the energy field (biologic field).


Benefits are the same as with Reiki, but here the practicioner connects with the energy field of the patient and gets the results, whereas with Reiki the universe provides.

Ayurveda Massage Therapist


Therapeutic Massage 

A therapeutic massage is a type of massage that focuses on addressing specific areas of tension or pain in the body. It involves applying pressure and various techniques to help relax muscles, improve circulation, and promote overall well-being. Therapeutic massages can be tailored to individual needs and may help reduce stress, alleviate muscle soreness, and improve flexibility

Therapeutic massage can be particularly beneficial for surfers and kite surfers, as it can help alleviate muscle tension and soreness commonly experienced from the physical demands of these water sports.

By targeting specific muscle groups used during surfing and kite surfing, therapeutic massage can aid in improving flexibility, reducing the risk of injury, and enhancing overall performance in the water. It can also promote faster recovery after intense surfing sessions, allowing surfers and kite surfers to get back in the water feeling rejuvenated and ready for their next session.

Yoga Ayurvedic Massage


 It is the junction of two millennial sciences: Yoga and Ayurveda. It works based on three points: blood circulation, breathing and vital energy: prana. 

Cold-pressed vegetable oil and Vekhand or Calamus powder are applied. The hands, feet, and body itself are used to support the person receiving the massage.

With slow and deep touches, it enhances the release of tensions, promotes greater energy flow, flexibility, postural realignment, anti-stress effect. The massage lasts 80 minutes and is on the floor.


 Relaxing Massage


Consists of manual relaxation techniques to the entire body, at a slow and steady pace. 

Relieves back, shoulder and neck pain. restores body and mind balance, improves lymphatic circulation, eliminates toxins, relaxes muscles, reduces anxiety. The massage lasts 60 minutes and is traditionally on a massage table.



This massage stimulates the points on the feet, through pressure and friction, stimulation of nerve endings, these are reflex points related to organs and glands

In order to improve the metabolism, circulation and oxygenation of the body, and bring balance, well being and relaxation. The session lasts 60 minutes.


Access Bars


A set of tools that facilitate the ability to be more conscious in all areas of your life. It is a liberation from polarity, imprisonment, conditioning, and the limitation of emotions and thoughts.

From 32 touches on the head, therapeutic touches on specific points that bring awareness of the infinite being that you are. The treatment takes one hour.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a massage method performed through gentle, slow and rhythmic maneuvers that act on the superficial lymphatic system, aiming to drain excess fluid accumulated in the interstitium, in the tissues and inside the vessels.  DLM can be indicated in conjunction with other treatments in order to contain edema, reduce pain and fibrosis and enhance relaxation and well-being. Lymphatic drainage is a massage performed without creams or oils.

Sniper Integrative Massage

Sniper Integrative Massage is a combination of therapeutic and relaxing massage,
it works on three main pillars: pain, injury prevention/performance and relaxation.
It acts on muscle prevention and regeneration, helps to de-inflammate the body, repair tissues, improve range of motion and rebalance compensations.
Each touch is unique, each person is unique.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a specialized form of massage therapy designed to help athletes and active individuals enhance their performance, prevent injuries, and promote faster recovery. It involves techniques such as deep tissue massage, stretching, and targeted pressure to address specific muscle groups used during sports activities. Sports massage can help improve flexibility, reduce muscle soreness, and increase blood flow to the muscles, allowing athletes to maintain peak physical condition and optimize their athletic performance.


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