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Reiki & Quantum Healing with Jen 

Over 10 years ago, Jen experienced her first energy treatment and 3 years later, she found her first Reiki Master in Hawaii from whom she learned. In 2018,  she quit her job as a Hotel Director and came to Portugal.

Jen is  a certified Reiki Master and Quantum Healing practitioner and loves to help people heal physically, mentally or spiritually with Reiki, Quantum Healing, Sound Healing and Crystal Healing.

Jen speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and German.

Reiki is a hands-on healing system that is deeply rooted in Eastern traditions where the practioner through hand on treatment, releases energetic blockages, so that the “QI” (life force energy) can flow better through your body, so your mind, body and soul can heal itself.

Reiki treats the whole person, body, mind and spirit, to achieve balance and restore optimum health.


  • Releases Blockages and Trapped Emotions

  • Promotes Health and Well-being

  • Speeds up Healing of Wounds or Injuries

  • Reduces Pain

  • Encourages Mental Clarity

  • Releases Stress & Tension

  • Relieves Depression

  • Reduces Anxiety

  • Relaxation

  • Improves Sleep

  • Smoothes Digestion

  • Strengthens Self-Esteem

  • Heightens Self-Awareness & Intuition

  • Supports Addiction Recovery

  • Improves Energy Circulation 


Quantum Healing shifts your fields of energy information, to bring out correction in your biologic field. The energy level in the body is escalated through breathing and visualization of energy flow by the practioner.

Sound Therapy works on the base of frequencies and vibrations traveling through your body, which resonates with your mind, brain, nerves, organs and cells of your body. When vibrations travel through your body, they promote circulation, energy flow, and rejuvenation. The frequency of the sound synchronizes with the brainwaves and destresses your body.


Crystal Healing Stones Therapy is when a practitioner places different kind of crystals on or around your body where needed to release energetic blockages, to let the “QI” (life force energy) flow better through your body. Crystals are minerals that have physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual beneficial properties.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

What can I expect from a session? 

Throughout the session you will be lying down and might be experiencing heat, tingles, shaking, crying, laughing or might fall asleep. Every session you will experience different sensations, depending what you body needs at that moment. 

How long is a session?

A session can be around 50 minutes or an hour and 20 minutes, depending what the patient prefers.

How will it be after the session ?

Within the next 48h after the session your body will still be detoxing. It is essential to drink a lot of water after the session.

Jennifer practising Reiki
Jennifer preparing
Jennifer assessing the energy field
Jennifer starting a session
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