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Osteopathy, Alternative Therapies &

Long term injury or new one, change of lifestyle, getting back into exercise.. now is the time to free your body from pain and stop limiting yourself from doing what you love the most.​

If not now,

then when ? 

If not today, then which day ?

If not this time, then what time ?


Joy Denis 

Born and raised in France, I went to study Osteopathy at the ESO in England when I was 18. After graduating in 2014 I worked in busy clinics in England for 4 years until I realized I needed to explore a bit more of the world.  I travelled, volunteered and worked as an osteopath and yoga teacher in Asia and New Zealand for one year. Once I got back to Europe I decided to come and experience the life in Portugal in 2019. I first started to work on my own and in 2022, as I was missing the atmosphere of working with other practitioners, I created the Ocean Clinic.

Osteopathy treatment



A manual therapy aiming at finding the cause of the problem by a holistic approach.



For our loved ones when they need external help to improve their conditions of living or get over an injury 



Come and practice yoga with me in Peniche, suited to all levels

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